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Welcome to A Green Alternative

Watch our Introductory Video

Welcome to A Green Alternative, here is our introductory video on our YouTube channel, it already has

more than 18,000 views since April! Please comment and like our video, we would love to hear from you.

With the popularity of this first introductory video, we plan to make more in the future, so feel free to

comment with your suggestions for which topics you would like us to cover. Here is the link to leave

your comment at: https://youtu.be/Hx8osfy0WFU

Desert Rose Nursery clones

Desert Rose Nursery clones

Hello everyone! My name is Ron Chavez, Executive Director and Head Grower for

Desert Rose Nursery. I want to thank Zach and the team over at A Green Alternative for the

opportunity to introduce you to Desert Rose Nursery. Desert Rose Nursery is committed to

bringing patients the best genetics that the world’s most talented growers have to offer. We do

this by searching for the best phenotypes available.

Phenotypes, genetics, what does all of this even mean?

Simply put, we find the cream of the crop and offer them to you. Seeds and clones have their

own distinct advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of using seeds is that you

may be able to find that one special phenotype of a certain strain that is superior to others.

It’s sort of like hitting the lottery. With clones, someone has already hit the lottery and we

are sharing the winnings with you. Clones offer uniformity, a true representation of the strain

with the flavor and effect you were looking for.

Now, a pro tip for all of the people who subscribe to this blog. We drop off new clones to

A Green Alternative every Tuesday afternoon. The time varies, but Tuesday is the day to catch

them with the biggest selection and the freshest roots. Spring is here! it’s time to start clearing

out an area in the backyard or find the sunniest spot on your back patio. Get your Desert Rose

Nursery branded clones at A Green Alternative and Happy Farming!

Pass Me the Bhang – The Fight for the Legalization of Marijuana in India

Pass Me the Bhang – The Fight for the Legalization of Marijuana in India

Visitors to the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh are left mesmerized by the stunning landscape of the region, lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, the majestic Himalayas in the backdrop. And there’s something else – marijuana!

Clusters of cannabis plants here, there and everywhere! Growing freely, with unbridled joy, without a care in the world. Farmers in many states in India grow marijuana, also called as “ganja” or the Indian help plant, within and around their properties. Marijuana is one of the most commonly grown drugs in the world, which is consumed by 125 million people each year. In India, marijuana has a rich history behind it. It is intrinsically tied to the Hindu religion and mysticism. Indians have consumed and celebrated different versions of the marijuana plant such as bhang, weed and charas (hash) for over a thousand years. Hindu religious texts mention marijuana in a positive context, and say that it helps the user attain ecstasy in the true sense of the word.

Lord Shiva – the most powerful of all Hindu Gods, loves smoking weed, according to several mythological texts. It is said that Lord Shiva once wandered off into the fields every time after an argument with his wife, Goddess Parvathi. Tired, he fell asleep under a leafy plant. Upon waking up, Shiva tasted the plant’s leaves and felt instantly rejuvenated and full of energy. He made the plant his favorite food. That plant, which captivated Lord Shiva so much, is none other than the cannabis plant.

Indians have a tradition of drinking bhang, a derivative of the cannabis plant on Holi, everybody’s favorite Hindu festival which is celebrated with joy. Bhang is very much a part of the Hindu religion and culture. Indeed, the Hindu soldiers of the past would drink bhang to give them courage just before a battle, just as soldiers in Western armies would have a whiskey.

That’s all really great, and very heartening for many of us, but here’s the problem – marijuana is still illegal in India because of an unfortunate law that was put in place in the 1980’s under pressure from the U.S. government. Back then, the U.S. was fighting the much criticized “War on Drugs” and literally forced its allies such as India to sign the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS), which made marijuana a banned substance.

Unwilling to do anything that would upset the world’s richest and most powerful country, the Indian government led by the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi banned the use of marijuana. Anybody caught buying or selling marijuana was now at risk of being sent to prison. Marijuana, which was a part of the Indian culture and religion for hundreds of years, was now banned in India, because of a silly law which nobody in the India wanted, not even the government.

A lot has changed since then in the West. Marijuana is today approved for medicinal use in the U.S. and there is a growing realization that the “War on Drugs” which criminalized so many for no good reason was a mistake, to say the least. But marijuana is still banned in India, not even allowed for medicinal use. There are a lot of people that go to prison each year for the possession of the drug. The only thing thats dangerous about the drug is getting caught with it!

Legalization of marijuana would create tens of thousands of new jobs in India, where unemployment is such a big problem. In Colorado marijuana legalization has created over 10,000 new jobs.

The government in India is aware of economic and social benefits of the cannabis plant. Steps are being taken in the right direction. The government of the state of Uttarakhand has made it legal for farmers to cultivate the Indian hemp plant. This is a good move but not nearly enough of the farmers are allowed to sell their harvest to the government. Unfortunately the farmers are excluded from selling their hemp crop to private industry buyers.

There is a growing cry in the country to legalize the use of marijuana. After all, marijuana was legal in India for much of its history, except for the last 30 years. It is just not right to deny the people of India the right to something that is such a big part of their culture.

Weekly Discounts at A Green Alternative

We run quite a few discounts here at A Green Alternative in San Diego! Become a member, then take advantage of the deals we have on top of our usual excellent services!

First Time Patients

25% off your entire first purchase – welcome to A Green Alternative!

Saturday & Sunday

Buy one get one free house preroll on Saturday and Sunday each week

Glass Mondays!

20% off all glass on Mondays

Wax Wednesdays!

20% off all wax / dabs on Wednesdays

420 Tuesdays

From 4:20pm – 6:20pm
$10/grams all strains
Limit 3 grams per patient

Ongoing 10% Military Discount

10% Military Discount - A Green AlternativeHere at A Green Alternative, we salute those brave men and women who have served and are serving in our armed forces with a military discount. We provide all medications at a 10% discount for active & retired members of the U.S. Military, including the National Guard, Reservists and the U.S. Coast Guard.

All discounts apply to all in store and delivery purchases and may not be combined with any other discount promotions. A valid Military ID must be presented before the purchase is paid for discount to be applied. Please contact our offices or speak with an associate member regarding any questions you may have pertaining to our military discount program. Discount subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Thank you for your service!

Budtender is Now a Job – AGA on Playboy.com

Budtender is now a job, and this is what they do.

Yoonj and Marshall from Playboy Enterprises visited us in late October and we talked to them about our passion for medical marijuana products and our compassionate delivery. As Dr. Blair puts it, our staff is trained to

…Treat the patient as though they were treating their mothers.

We really enjoyed spending the day interviewing with them, and are very happy to share this video with you. Thank you Playboy!


Link to the full Playboy piece here.

CBD and San Diego: 3 Questions

The CBD Molecule.

The CBD Molecule.

Where can I find flower high in Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD?

If you are a resident of San Diego, CA or Chula Vista, CA, a quick scan of the weedmaps.com menus from the top 3 Chula Vista, Ca, USA storefront marijuana dispensaries will yield you minimal results. You can find the highest lab tested strains reaching a benchmark high of 0.1% CBD in their flowers. It is not only important that a shop carry these high Cannabidiol (CBD) flowers for their patients, it is also important that they are quality assured and lab tested by the shop and the vendor.

Why is Cannabidiol an important component of cannabis flowers and who will gain the most benefit from these breeds of cannabis?

You can find a great discussion of cannabinoids on these two websites: Mary’s Medicinals and the CBD Project. In summary: CBD is a prime ingredient in medical cannabis flowers along with THC. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive. It has range of medical benefits which have been discovered through testing on animals. They include: suppressing seizures, reducing nausea and combating psychosis and inflammation. It has been also shown to be effective treatment against cancer/tumors, as a general anti-oxidant and finally CBD has been shown as an effective anti-depressant. To highlight the importance of this new and upcoming molecule here is a quote from the Project CBD website: “CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere.”

Popular strain Pennywise, bred by TGA - Subcool right here in Southern California.

Popular strain Pennywise, bred by TGA – Subcool right here in Southern California.

How easy are these flowers to find?

CBD rich flowers are available in most areas and states where there is a medical marijuana program in place. At A Green Alternative we recognize and embrace this trend in the cannabis industry. We are continually including these lab tested flowers on our menu. Some strains in the past include “Pennywise” and “Medical Mass” which have both tested above 10% total CBD content. We currently have our house strain “Edith G”, a sativa which tested back just under 13% CBD.

As the breeders continue to develop strains that are high in this component, A Green Alternative will acquire the newest and highest quality CBD flowers.  If you are wondering where to find the best CBD flower and products available come see our selection at A Green Alternative!

A Smooth Delivery: Placing your first MMJ Delivery

A Smooth Delivery: Placing your first MMJ Delivery

So you have decided to try out a medical cannabis delivery service? That’s great news, you are about to embark on a journey of minimal effort and handsome reward! In this blog I’m going to describe the process and make a few suggestions that can help to make your delivery arrive happily and conveniently. While this may be your first MMJ delivery we have been through the procedure many many times, we are delivery professionals!

Prior to calling in, you may view and shop our online menu at your convenience on our website agreenalternative.org. We also keep current menus on Weedmaps and Leafly. These websites are updated daily to keep you conversant with our current strains and our latest product arrivals. After you’ve done some research, you are ready to make the call.

Our customer associates are always ready to help!

Our customer associates are always ready to help!

There are two documents you should have on hand when you make the call: your California doctors recommendation and your California license. One of our customer associates will put your information into our system: your name, address, phone number, driver’s license information and your MMJ Registry information. After this please ask us any questions you may have about our products. There is no rush or time limit at all when dealing with any of our staff at A Green Alternative.

Orders waiting to reach their destination.

Orders waiting to reach their destination.

After you’ve made your selections you will be asked what time is best for us to arrive with your delivery. You can schedule your order to arrive any time between our store hours are from 9 am – 9 pm Monday through Saturday and 10am-8pm on Sundays. We are happy accommodate each individuals schedule whether you need your order immediately, or if you prefer it to arrive at future day and time.

After you’ve scheduled the delivery all you need more to do wait. We will handle the rest.

Sample Receipt.

Sample Receipt.

Shortly before the scheduled time your driver will give you a call to confirm that you it’s okay for them to head your way. When they arrive at your abode, if you are a first time patient, the driver will need to take a photograph of your California license and your California MMJ recommendation.

We currently are only able to accept cash for your order and our drivers do not carry change with them. After receiving your delivery please review your experience at our Google Page or our Yelp Page. We love to know how we’re doing!

At A Green Alternative MMCC you are also always welcome to come visit our storefront at 2335 Roll Drive Suite #5. This takes out a lot of the guesswork when making your selection.

Yes! A Green Alternative Delivers!

Yes! A Green Alternative Delivers!

We’re going the extra mile for our medical marijuana (MMJ) patients! Since A Green Alternative™ opened doors in March 2015, we have delivered to more than 30 communities in San Diego county. We were the first legal dispensary in San Diego, and remain open. As you can see from our Facebook page, we’ve been a boppin’ busy bunch of dispensary associates, delivering medical marijuana products from top quality producers and vendors both in store and across town. We’ve been having a great time getting to know our wonderful patients and our diverse products.

A Green Alternative™ Delivers MMJ

Our MMJ patients enjoy having guaranteed high quality product from our premier dispensary delivered direct to their door. No need to leave the house to travel across town to get to our Otay Mesa location, just give us a call to arrange a delivery. We will deliver clear out to Del Mar and Mira Mesa, La Jolla, and Point Loma — no problem. Our drivers are friendly, professional, and safe representatives of our top tier dispensary, and they are just as concerned with your health as they are with great cannabis. After all, A Green Alternative™ is a medical marijuana dispensary, run under the vision of the legendary Dr. David Blair. It’s important to us that our patients feel well taken care of, and that their medical marijuana needs are safely met.

Quality Marijuana Delivery Selection

Speaking of great cannabis, we offer everything from PharmLab tested Indicas, Sativas, and hybrids from our member vendors, to tinctures and edibles like candies and butters, to topical creams. Some of our most popular brands are Dr. Blair’s Incredible Medibles, Canna Butter, Cheeba Chews, Kiva, Edipure, and Bhang. We offer many more, and our registered patients can order online through our MMJMenu online menu.

Learn more about our delivery service by clicking here, or just give A Green Alternative a call at (844) 665-0420!

Cruising Freeways and Meeting up with Batman

America's Finest City. Downtown San Diego, CA 92101

America’s Finest City. Downtown San Diego, CA 92101

Delivering marijuana to the citizens of America’s Finest City offers up many challenges. I am constantly living in dread of lethargic I-5 traffic. There’s an ever present danger of drivers making rapid multiple lane changes and heaven forbid a random rain storm befalls our blithe, sun-drenched city and sets its drivers into a frenzy.  Even once I clear all of those hurdles and arrive at my destination there’s still parking. I’m only one part of the cycle and the medical cannabis business in San Diego has many inherent difficulties, however I love my job and that I get to meet a variety of awesome and remarkable people from every walk of life. Once I arrive at my patient’s home, all of this fades and I’m able to focus on the fun part of my job: meeting new people and bringing them MMJ of the highest quality.

The Payload. This means the Golden Eagle is in flight.

The Payload. This means the Golden Eagle is in flight.

California Medical Marijuana patients are an eclectic bunch, but in the end one and all are united by their quest for clean and excellent medication. In the same day I may get to drive through mountains up by Ramona, I drive through beach cities, I even get to see mountains that overlook the beaches in Del Mar and La Jolla! (more…)

Blossom’s Delivery Service

Blossom’s Delivery Service

Dependable Medical Marijuana Delivery Service

Are you someone that needs medical marijuana to help with your daily activities but have difficulty getting to our dispensary location?

Well, welcome to A Green Alternative’s own Blossom’s Delivery Service, serving the greater San Diego County area!

We are proud to help our patients get the medicine they need in the most timely and convenient way possible. As the first licensed marijuana delivery service in the city of San Diego’s history, our cooperative believes in complete patient satisfaction and we stand behind our services with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

Quality Marijuana Delivery Selection

At Blossom’s Delivery Service we offer top-shelf Sativas, Hybrids, Indicas and Edibles. We guarantee your order to be fresh upon arrival. Each strain is tested by PharmLabs to ensure the highest standard of quality and potency. Take some time to browse our menu. Members can place an order for same day delivery or schedule a delivery in the future. We pride our self on taking the extra step to assure a timely discreet delivery wherever you are in San Diego.

Blossom’s Friendly Medical Cannabis Delivery Service

Marijuana LeafWith every order, you can always expect to receive the same friendly service as when you step into our dispensary location. We are more than a “marijuana delivery service.” Our team believes in going the extra mile for our patients. If you have a question about our delivery services, menu, or if you just want to chat about cannabis, feel free to give us a call at 1 (844) 665-0420 or reach us by clicking the Contact link above.

Medical Marijuana Delivery Near Me In San Diego

We are proud to call San Diego our home, and serve our patients with the quality care, patience, and respect that we would give to family and friends. From Chula Vista to Poway from Coronado to Pacific Beach, we serve Southern California up and down the coast, we invite everyone to try the first licensed marijuana delivery service in San Diego. We offer our patients the benefit of a well-trained knowledgeable staff, personal friendly service, and a superb quality product.

What more could anyone ask for in a marijuana delivery service?

Learn more about our MMJ delivery service here.