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Cruising Freeways and Meeting up with Batman

America's Finest City. Downtown San Diego, CA 92101

America’s Finest City. Downtown San Diego, CA 92101

Delivering marijuana to the citizens of America’s Finest City offers up many challenges. I am constantly living in dread of lethargic I-5 traffic. There’s an ever present danger of drivers making rapid multiple lane changes and heaven forbid a random rain storm befalls our blithe, sun-drenched city and sets its drivers into a frenzy.  Even once I clear all of those hurdles and arrive at my destination there’s still parking. I’m only one part of the cycle and the medical cannabis business in San Diego has many inherent difficulties, however I love my job and that I get to meet a variety of awesome and remarkable people from every walk of life. Once I arrive at my patient’s home, all of this fades and I’m able to focus on the fun part of my job: meeting new people and bringing them MMJ of the highest quality.

The Payload. This means the Golden Eagle is in flight.

The Payload. This means the Golden Eagle is in flight.

California Medical Marijuana patients are an eclectic bunch, but in the end one and all are united by their quest for clean and excellent medication. In the same day I may get to drive through mountains up by Ramona, I drive through beach cities, I even get to see mountains that overlook the beaches in Del Mar and La Jolla!

One of my favorite things about my job are the multitude of different dogs I get to meet throughout my day. I believe that a person’s dog is a perfect projection of who that individual is – and maybe vice versa.

'Batman' the St. Bernard. Vista, CA 92083

‘Batman’ the St. Bernard. Vista, CA 92084

On a recent delivery to Vista, CA I met a one year old 160 lb St. Bernard puppy named Batman. Both he and his owner were very stoked on my visit. While his owner checked out the latest drop of the characteristically pungent sativa dominant hybrid SleeStack, Batman greeted me and immediately coated my khakis in that trademark St. Bernard drool. Yes, after my long drive from Downtown San Diego up I-15 I am greeted by 160 pounds of slobbering joy and his blissful owner and I’m still stoked and love my job delivering weed to the citizens of San Diego!! Delivering weed for A Green Alternative Medical Marijuana Consumer Cooperative is radical!

'Batman' the St. Bernard. Vista, CA 92083

‘Batman’ the St. Bernard. Vista, CA 92083

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