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Meet Zach Lazarus

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Dispensary Operations

Zachary T. Lazarus is Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Dispensary Operations. As co-founder of A Green Alternative™ agreenalternative.org, and leader and experienced operator in the Automobile and Service Industry, Zach started his professional career in September of 1997 where he co-developed Hemingway’s Fine Cigars and Wine Bar -a first of its kind hospitality concept where patrons of all walks of life gathered to enjoy premium cigars, fine wine and spirits in a social setting.   Zach served as the general manager promoting and growing Hemingway’s into a successful profitable small business. Zach departed from Hemingway’s in April of 2004 where he began his career in the Automobile Sales Industry. Mr. Lazarus worked in National City as a Sales and Leasing Professional where he helped grow the business within his 10 year serving as a Internet Director, Sales Manager and General Sales Manager. Mr. Lazarus has a proven track record in growing companies with extensive experience in sales, managing and promoting. Zach also is a proud graduate of Poway High School.
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