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Vendor Information

A Green Alternative™ member vendors share in the ability to promote safe access to other member patients of our San Diego community.

When you become a patient of our cooperative you qualify to be a vendor as well.

As the first licensed cooperative in the City of San Diego, A Green Alternative™ exclusively accepts medicine from legally qualified patients who are cultivating in accordance with California law and have signed our associate membership agreement.

We have the highest standards for medical cannabis; please do not be discouraged if you do not sell your medicine to our member purchasing agents. The purchasing department of our collective is selective of its flowers it chooses. Our Cooperative only offers the choicest of medicinal herbs to its members.

Every flower and concentrate that we purchase is laboratory tested for the presence of pathogenic molds. Concentrates are submitted to the lab for traditional potency testing. For questions regarding this process please speak with a purchasing agent during open purchasing hours.

All sales are contingent on mold test results. This means that if your medicine tests positive for pathogenic molds we must return it to you.

All potential vendors must email their local CUP, brochure of products and price list to dlh@newtcal.com.

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