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Because no vendors have obtained a nursery license AGA is unable to offer clones at this time.

A Green Alternative is San Diego’s premier clone dispensary. We provide superior feminized clones throughout California. All of our genetics come direct from select top quality seed banks in Amsterdam. Conditioned with root accelerator, hardened and transplant ready, our large strain selection is available to you by phone or online and can be delivered seven days a week. They can also be picked up at our dispensary location.


Liberty Haze Teen

Grown in an optimal environment until you take delivery, our clones are 6-8” tall, rooted in coco and 4½ inch plastic pots. We also take custom requests for quantity and growing medium. No order or request is too big or too small for our in house horticulture team.

We have regular and teens starting at $15.00 and up to $30.

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