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People holding marijuana stemsWhen you become a member of A Green Alternative™ you become an essential part of our community vision. As one of the pillars on which our mission and our purpose are built, we take our commitment to the community seriously. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the underserved reaching out and supporting all of Otay Mesa, the South Bay, and all of San Diego.

Members are informed of their Membership Rights and Responsibilities, Codes of Conduct and are asked to agree to our Membership Terms & Conditions, Health Information Waiver and acknowledge that they understand their rights and responsibilities and that their membership can be revoked if they violate any of the rules. All forms are kept in safe keeping, ensuring patient confidentiality. Members receive a unique A Green Alternative™ member ID number. When a patient contacts the cooperative, their ID number is used to verify that he or she is a member of the cooperative in good standing and has a current, valid doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis use. You must be at least 21 years old and a California resident to apply for membership.

In order to access our products and services you must become a member of our consumer cooperative. We can process your membership application once you provide us with:

  1. a signed copy of your membership agreement
  2. a signed copy of Consent to Electronic Transmission form
  3. a current physician’s recommendation. Need to find a physician?
  4. your California Driver License. If you do not have a driver license, please provide us with a valid copy of your U.S. or Foreign Passport, Out of State ID, or Military ID, and two proofs of California residency.

Attach clear, legible scanned copies of your membership agreement, doctor recommendation, and ID to the membership application for fastest processing.

Membership Application

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Become a Member - MMJ

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