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Meet Doug Cristofo

Douglas Cristofo

Managing Partner, Board Member, President and Bud Curator Safety Liaison Officer

Douglas Cristofo is a Managing Partner, Board Member, President, Bud Curator Safety Liaison Officer and co-founder of A Green Alternative™ agreenalternative.org Blossom San Diego Delivery Services™ blossomsandiego.com, an operational medical marijuana delivery service in Southern California.

As a leading pioneer in the hospitality cannabinoidal distributive revolution, Doug regularly consults with Dr. Mark Rabe, a nationally recognized expert in the field of cannabinoidal medicine. Doug held many logistical routing responsibilities while working in the private sector. As one of the lead employees of a major event planning company in the greater San Diego area, Doug increased efficiency and sales during his 20 year span of employment.

During that time he held multiple positions: convention services director, division manager, dispatch and sales. Doug co-founded Blair House Home Furnishings where he held positions as store manager, purchasing agent, interior designer and retail sales consultant. Doug attended Pennsylvania State University where he completed two years of undergraduate courses in Business Management, general Studies and the Humanities.

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